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Sales / Support1300 88 40 60
* 8:30am-5:30pm AEST, Monday-Friday
After Hours Support* please email
International+61 3 8676 0614
Neale Rudd Emergency Direct Support (2pm-6am)Currently undergoing treatment so no phone, only email for now, please email Support, Sabrina and Neale and all gmail addresses provided below to contact Neale quickly,,
Sabrina Rudd Emergency Support (7am-10pm) * +61417425518 for emergencies if Neale is unavailable, ie: 11am AEST, as there are special methods to wake me up,, please send to both, as well as the support email address

To speed up resolution, please always include your login name (account name), your own full name, company name if relevant, direct response phone number and any error messages, screenshots, a sequence of events we can perform to replicate the issue and test and if possible, a simple test page in your email for the fastest resolution (ie: a page with a random name such as test_alpha5.jsp, which attempts a database/email/API connection and shows the error. We will check the source of that page for any passwords so try to not display those on the page). Please never use SMS/MMS. They are ancient insecure technologies and will not work on various prepaid SIM cards or in various locations or networks, disallow images and provide no response code that the message was received.

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