Secure Subversion Hosting

Subversion Hosting

Professional, secure Subversion Repository hosting allows you to create a central repository or offsite backup for easy access to design documentation and source code by your entire team.

As all files are stored in Subversion, it is also easy to go back to previous versions of any file, and to tag or branch development at project milestones or release points.

We have been operating since October 1997, and have protected sensitive customer data for over 14 years. Your data is stored safely and securely in our high-security server cluster, as with all our valued clients.

Free 400mb Subversion Hosting - no strings

  • We are providing FREE Subversion hosting, with a 400mb limit and up to 20 user accounts to Australian clients.
  • This is a great way to get started, and see the benefits of using a remote, secure Subversion server with no costs involved.
  • Due to demand, places may be limited. Please enquire to reserve your account.
  • For larger plans, please see our pricing below.

What you can do with Subversion

  • Subversion integrates directly with Windows, MacOS, Linux and other operating systems
  • Securely backup your source code to our servers with a few clicks of your mouse
  • Developers and project members can see all changes made each day, who changed what, and what was changed
  • Protect against lost updates, when two people change the same file
  • Easily synchronise from your office or home, to update your local files, or send changes to the Subversion server
  • Maintain a complete history of changes, so that you can return to any point in time easily

Our service is suitable for ...

  • SME and Enterprise-level project source code repositories
  • Geographically separate development teams
  • Outsourced projects where you want to maintain, monitor and control access to the source code being developed
  • Nervous or careful CTO's who want regular, offsite, secure backups of project source code
  • Companies wishing to use source code version control, without the management or setup worries
  • Freelance developers who want a secure backup of their source code and important files

What Software do I install?


  • Online Subversion User Administration system
  • Australian Data Centre for fast local access
  • HTTPS access for use in TortoiseSVN and other clients over SSL, for easy setup and security
  • Private WebSVN website for online repository browsing
  • Assistance with getting started, creating users, security, and importing your existing Subversion repository


  • All repositories stored on RAID-5 redundant drives (single drive failure will not affect your access)
  • Full local repository backup repeated every 10 minutes (hardware failure will not destroy your repository)
  • AES-256 encrypted daily offsite backup (loss of data center will not destroy your repository)
  • Our service already serves as an offsite backup of your entire repository, as all project files exist on your own machine(s) as well as on our server(s)


  • RAID-5 drive array, to protect against hard disk failures
  • Dual power supplies on each Subversion server, powered by two completely separate city power grids
  • Fully managed servers with hardware and service monitoring
  • High-performance, high-reliability dual-CPU Dell servers
  • Redundant network switches
  • Automatic email alerts to your team if your partition is low on disk-space, allowing cleanup before problems occur


  • Secure repository hosting in world-class Melbourne CBD data center, staffed 24 hours
  • Separate hard disk partition per customer to avoid server disk space affecting your access to the repository
  • Enforced SSL/TLS access to repository and WebSVN (https://)
  • No customer shell access (greatly limiting local-user vulnerabilities)
  • Backups stored on secure backup server and encrypted using AES-256 when sent to secure offsite server
  • Password brute-force protection
  • No SSLv2, SSL Re-negotiation or Weak SSL Cipher usage
  • Strong 256 bit cipher support
  • Strong 4096 bit RSA key
  • Elliptic Curve Diffie-Helman Galios Counter Mode (ECDHE GCM) ciphers, Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • Passwords are salted and hashed with 100,000 rounds of SHA-512

Monthly Pricing (AUD, ex GST) (no user limits)

  • $7 - 1GB repository partition
  • $12 - 2GB repository partition
  • $16 - 3GB repository partition
  • $20 - 4GB repository partition
  • $24 - 5GB repository partition
  • $28 - 7GB repository partition
  • $30 - 10GB repository partition
  • Special offer - FREE Subversion hosting - 200mb limit, 20 user accounts, Australian clients only (places limited)

How to Apply

  • Please apply using our Website Application Page
  • Ignore any Java-related sections, and specify SUBVERSION HOSTING ONLY in the comments section along with the size of the repository partition required
  • If you want to get started using our FREE Subversion Hosting offer, please also specify FREE SUBVERSION HOSTING 400mb
  • If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at sales <at>
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